Autonomous Exterior Lighting for HOA and Management Companies

SolTek Renewables, LLC has embarked on an ambitious campaign to get communities off-grid with autonomous exterior street and pathway lighting. This one small step will bring sustainability to their doorstep, literally. By replacing outdated technologies with new and green solutions, communities with Homeowners Association fees will see immediate results with the complete elimination of grid-tied electricity fees. With our lights, there are:

No more unforeseen fee hikes in electricity usage fees.
No more power outages or blackouts.
No more dangerous high-voltage lines.
No more trenching up of sidewalks and streets.
No more dependence on dirty fuels sources (coal and oil, we’ll explain more later on these sources).


Users and property owners will benefit from our lights as they are:
All system autonomy.
All renewable.
All environmentally sound and safe.

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