SolTek Renewables honored with Certificate of Completion with Turner School of Construction Management

SolTek Renewables is proud to announce that we have successfully completed the Turner School of Construction Management with the support of the San Diego International Airport Authority, San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and San Diego City Councilmember David Alvarez as of November 2014. By completing the program, we have shown our dedication to serving and working along with prime contractors such as Turner Construction, as well as the various subcontractors in the construction and design (Architecture and Engineering) industries in and around San Diego County. As we are dedicated toward supplying the highest quality street lighting within the strict illumination requirements in the commercial field, we are also dedicated to educating and opening dialogue between all parties involved with public works and sustainability measures. Thank you to Turner Construction, the City of San Diego and the San Diego International Airport Authority. Upward and onward into 2015!


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Mobile Home Parks are now getting off the grid with solar street lights.

Mobile Home Park solar street light campaign.

As our technology progresses beyond industry standards, solar street and roadway lighting is seeing its way into various applications.  With our mobile home park (MHP) solar street light campaign, we are reaching out to local MHPs throughout San Diego County.  Citing a recent installation of 36 Lumina series 30 Watt lights in the City of Santee, the owners of the MHP have increased their illumination beyond what was replaced (Mercury vapor “green” lights).  The Lumina series have readings of 1.4 foot-candles directly below the CREE LED luminaire with a radius of about 70 feet on the ground at 0.1 foot-candles.  To compare, the lights that were replaced had a base reading of 0.9 foot-candles with a significantly smaller radius.  What does this amount to?  Simply put, the our Lumina series outperforms the traditional/contemporary lights, all while costing the owners absolutely nothing in operation fees!  Meaning, they started saving money the moment our Lumina lights were installed while getting a superior product!



Additional images of the installation and final product:

Mobile Home Park Lumina Series Project, Santee, CA:

This recently completed installation of 36 Lumina series lights is situated throughout the roadways of a mobile home park in Santee, California. The addition of the autonomous solar powered lights has enabled the owners of the mobile home park to sever their ties to the electric grid and thus start their savings immediately. The Lumina lights at this installation use a 30-Watt CREE LED bell-shaped luminaire that disperses light in a 360-degree radius directly below the fixture. Luminance is rated at 1.4 foot-candles directly below the fixture and reaches out to a 70-foot radius where the illumination measures 0.1 foot-candles. The grid-tied Mercury vapor lights that were replaced only measured 0.9 foot-candles beneath their fixtures.
The Lumina lights are a great addition to any setting where property owners are looking to upgrade their current system and save money in the long term.


The Lumina lights were delivered to the site and partially assembled by a local installer. Wires were run through the poles and lamp arms/luminaires were affixed to the poles prior to being set on their foundations.



Once the poles are ready, they are transported to their corresponding foundations using a crane and flatbed truck. Poles are hoisted and quickly placed onto their foundations with minimum effort. Total time to set onto foundations takes a matter of minutes. Directly adjacent to the pre-poured/set foundations is the battery box, which can be seen in the right-hand image. Once wiring is connected, the battery box can be buried with rocks and dirt. The rechargeable 12-Volt batteries need replacement once every 5 years. Burying batteries is an option for owners as it conceals the component and protects it from potential vandalism and/or theft. Foundation hardware/J-bolts are part of the autonomous light package.



Daytime view of the completed installation (5 Lumina lights are visible in the photo). A pleasant design for this mobile home park add potential value and aesthetic appeal to the property, which is a plus for both the owner of the property as well as for the residents.



Daytime images of individual Lumina demonstrate the compact design of the solar panel and eye-catching design of the bell fixture with hooked lamp arm.



Nighttime effects of individual Lumina located near various homes within the park. The light produced by the CREE LEDs is far superior to the Mercury vapor lights that were replaced. Directly below the fixtures, the Lumina lights produce 1.4 foot-candles of illumination, while the Mercury vapor lights only produce 0.9 foot-candles.



Nighttime image looking down a street demonstrates the intensity of lights when placed nearby. Foot-candle readings measure out 70 feet laterally from below the fixture, so placing several Lumina lights in close proximity will produce copious amounts of free light for the residents and visitors alike. Increasing illumination will provide nighttime visibility and peace-of-mind for the residents as light helps to deter crime and suspicious activity.



One Lumina at the end of one of the streets provides light that would otherwise not have been cost-effective to install with grid-tied lights. Being that the lights are autonomous, they can be placed virtually anywhere that the sun shines and a foundation can be set. No trenching or wiring to the electricity grid is a smart solution for property owners as the using autonomous lights means no more electricity bills, fee hikes, dependence on dirty energy and no more power outages/blackouts.



A simple and highly effective means of illumination, the Lumina series adds: 1) aesthetic appeal, 2) superior luminance measurements, 3) free light, and 4) puts the power of the sun under the control of property owners.



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Autonomous Exterior Lighting for HOA and Management Companies

SolTek Renewables, LLC has embarked on an ambitious campaign to get communities off-grid with autonomous exterior street and pathway lighting. This one small step will bring sustainability to their doorstep, literally. By replacing outdated technologies with new and green solutions, communities with Homeowners Association fees will see immediate results with the complete elimination of grid-tied electricity fees. With our lights, there are:

No more unforeseen fee hikes in electricity usage fees.
No more power outages or blackouts.
No more dangerous high-voltage lines.
No more trenching up of sidewalks and streets.
No more dependence on dirty fuels sources (coal and oil, we’ll explain more later on these sources).


Users and property owners will benefit from our lights as they are:
All system autonomy.
All renewable.
All environmentally sound and safe.

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Welcome to SolTek Renewables, LLC!


Welcome to our website!

Please stay tuned for the latest industry news and our company events.

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